Центральна бібліотека ім.Кропивницького

In the catalogues' room the library users can get information about library books and magazines by means of catalogues and card indexes. At the readers' services:


The alphabetical catalogue
The systematic catalogue
The systematic card index of articles
The regional card index
The card index of rareeditions

Electronic catalogues and card indexes

The electronic catalogue of books

The electronic card index of the articles

The catalogue of periodicals

Local Lore

Statutory Acts of Mykolayiv City Council and Executive Committee of the City


Rare Book

If you experience problems in searching literature in the catalogues, card indexes and databasesyou may get help from theon-duty library consultant in the Catalogues'Room.

In the Catalogues'Room "School of Information Literacy" takes place every Wednesday at 15.00.There people are taught how to search documents in the electronic database.

In the Catalogues' Room isthe Citizen Service Centre (CSC), which provides access to information of public authorities and local self-government, to the electronic administrative services and e-services. Users have the opportunityto communicate interactively with the authorities.

Phone for information/references: (512) 24-70-28