Brandis, K. Children of the Forest. Book 3. Holly's Secret / Katia Brandis [text], Claudia Karls [illustrations]; trans. from German M. Pukhlii. — Kyiv: Force Ukraine, 2023. — 320 p.

"Holly's Secret" is the third edition of the best-selling book "Children of the Forest" series about amazing teenagers who can transform into beasts! A series of mysterious thefts took place in the city. A thief penetrates where an ordinary person cannot get into. While the police ponder in confusion, a young cougar Karag and his friends set out to investigate. They assumed that the thief was similar to them, that was able to turn into an animal. But when Karag found the thief's tracks, he was shocked: everything pointed to his girlfriend Holly as the likely culprit. If this is true and how to act in such a case?


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