The operation of the NKVD of the Ukrainian SSR against the Zionists. 1937-1938 / Authors-compilers: Valerii Vasyliev, Roman Podkur, Andrii Kohut. — K.: Publisher V. Zakharenko, 2021. — 864 p.

The collection publishes documents of the NKVD bodies of the Ukrainian SSR about the mass repressive operation against Zionists, which lasted from December 1937 to December 1938. For the first time, informational materials, procedural documents of the investigation of state security bodies, as well as statements and complaints about unjustified arrests, falsification of interrogation protocols, torture, wrongful convictions of former members of the Zionist movement in the 1920s and early 1930s were published. The complex of sources testifies to little-known aspects of political persecution and mass murders initiated by the leadership of the USSR and carried out by employees of the NKVD during the Great Terror. The publication contains introductory articles, comments on documents, indexes, reference apparatus.

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