Probably not so literally, but your favorite books can tell a lot of interesting things about a person.

Immediately after the New Year and Christmas weekend, our colleague, an employee of the library-branch for youth of the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi Daryna Yatskevych initiated the literary and artistic marathon #МійТОП10улюбленихкни, which has already become all-Ukrainian. Thus, at Daryna's suggestion, librarians join to take part in it. According to the initiator of the marathon, the lists of their literature will definitely differ in genre and thematic originality. We recall that the participants of last year's marathon were people of different ages and professions. This time, during the month, we will learn together what Ukrainian librarians like to read and which books they prefer. The marathon has started, so  we plunge together into the literary world.

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