Центральна бібліотека ім.Кропивницького

History of LIC "KRAI" creation

Today in all post Soviet area scientists-sociologists observe splash in interest of young people to their family tree and as a whole to their krai history they live in.

In 1973 the settlement founded over 600 years ago in the territory, populated by people from time immemorial, became a part of the new district (Korabel’niy) of a big industrial city of Nikolayev. May be, because of this age discrepancy and significant remoteness, it is written not much in the literature on Nikolayev history about Korabel’niy district.

As early as in 90 years the library has closely faced a problem of local lore literature absence and understanding that the youth of Korabel’niy district does not realize itself born on a historically rich land and does not know that during old times settlements Vitovka (1232-1789) and Bogoyavlensk (1789-1938) were the only one populated places in the territory of modern Nikolayev. There are many evidences of the local land plenty, its curative springs and interesting historical past. Uniqueness of the ancient Bogoyavlensk was noticed by the founder of Nikolayev prince Potyomkin. From here he started to manage the new city’s erection. Here he built palaces to his neighbors and to himself.

Observing an increasing quantity of pent-up demand for the information of local lore subject-matter, absence of a branch of the local lore museum in the remote district of the city with the population of 90 thousand, absence of the complex approach to the questions on popularization of the krai history from the cultural-educational organizations of the district, the library workers have felt an urgent need in creation of local lore information centre in Korabel’niy district. For this purpose they began to get into contact with natives, old residents of the district who were born still in Bogoyavlensk, regional specialists, archeologists, historians, workers of the Regional local lore museum and Regional archive. For more than 10 years it was worked out and collected many local lore information, which led us to organization of constantly operating local lore information centre "KRAI” (Korabel’niy district). Victory in the library project „Take us with you in the history, shipbuilding krai” in the grant competition of projects „ Step over the horizon” of the Center of social programs of Incorporated company RUSAL in Ukraine promoted to the high-grade realization of this dream.

Convenient location of the library 18 and its information potential allowed to include in its service zone all secondary educational institutions of Korabel’niy district (9 comprehensive schools, economic lyceum, humanitarian grammar school, arts school, 3 vocational schools). And opening of the local lore information centre " KRAI” in the library will help to attract attention of students and all population to the krai history.

Having created the LIC "KRAI", the library antes up in the activity on accumulation, systematization and popularization of local lore information, and the general work of old residents and young volunteers of the center will create an opportunity to develop generations’ continuity , to transfer cultural wealth.

We hope for a long creative and productive work of local lore information centre "KRAI „.