Центральна бібліотека ім.Кропивницького


  1. The library of an active towns-dweller
    The library of an active towns-dweller is a documentary-information fund of collective use in the updating of which we invite all partners of the Center to take part. The visitors of the Center may use literature in printed and electronic form for the help to practical activities to the representatives of public sector in following directions:
    • General and reference information on domestic and foreign public organizations;
    • Legal questions on public sector activities;
    • Design management;
    • Public relations;
    • Social work;
    • Social partnerships;
    • Public health;
    • Social psychology of human rights;
    • Gender questions;
    • Ecology;
    • Business;
    • Local self-governance, etc.

  2. Public record documents
  3. Local lore resources
    • A large collection of books and periodicals on local history and lore;
    • Electronic databases: “Study of local lore”, “Card file of local lore web-addresses “; bibliographic materials.
    • Additional sources on local lore can be found at “Nikolayev on the Internet Pages

  4. Digests
  5. Database of socially active local public organizations
    The contact information on them.


  • Internet Center (public-use internet-connected computers)
  • Educational-training services
  • Consulting services:
  • Reference-information services: book reviews, exhibitions, viewings, literature lists; information search in the Internet;
  • Thematically organized collections of printed and electronic materials;
  • Consulting on organization of civil advocacy campaigns;
  • Support for community meetings, seminars, round tables, conferences, etc. (premises, information support, contacts to mass-media, etc.);
  • Club activity.