Центральна бібліотека ім.Кропивницького

The library is a participant of the international projects:

Sister Libraries of American library association (ALA). According to this Millennium Project the Grand Rapids Library in Michigan (USA) is defined as the sister library for the CL. The project is realized by means of the news agency's creation on the base of the CL.

Electronic information for libraries - eIFL Direct (Electronic Information For Libraries) , which is the joint initiative of the Institute of public society (Budapest) and the biggest in the world publishing house of periodicals and company EBSCO Publishing.

Virtual certificate-informative service of public libraries .
The Project Virtual certificate-informative service of public libraries (or the Virtual certificate) is realized on the base of the agreement about collaboration with the Interregional association of business libraries (Russian Federation). A virtual certificate is placed on the library portal Library.ru



Other contacts:

Fund Revival.
Participation in professional competitions, project activity.

Göthe -Institute ..
Participation of the library in seminars, conferences, cultural-elucidative arrangements.

The USA Embassy in Ukraine ..
Realization of joint seminars, trainings, teaching of the library workers.

British Council in Ukraine

The Center of French language and culture “Alliance- français ”

All-Ukrainian social organization “Democratic Action” – participation in seminars.