Cheshire, L. Key moments in art / L. Cheshire; trans. from English I. Pavlenko. – Kyiv: Bukshef Publishing House, 2023. – 176 p.

In the book "Key Moments in Art", readers can get acquainted with fifty landmark events in the world of painting - famous and not so famous - from the Renaissance to modern times. The book interestingly and accessibly tells us about the brightest moments of this or that era - from the birth of Michelangelo's "David" and Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain" to the birth of new impressive styles, such as impressionism and pop art, and to sensational exhibitions.

Lee Cheshire managed to talk about the key events in the history of world art in an easy and exciting way. On the pages of this book, he describes not only artistic achievements and discoveries, but also controversies, sharp conflicts and lawsuits that the thorny path of art history is replete with. In the appendix, the author provides the reader with a convenient glossary of artistic terms.

Lee Cheshire is a senior editor and copywriter at the Tate Gallery in London and co-editor of TateEtc magazine. It was he who directed the release of a special issue of the magazine dedicated to the expansion of the Tate museum complex. Among the author's other books is "London in Paint" (London in Paint), in which readers can familiarize themselves with paintings created in London from the 17th century to the present day.

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