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It was a day of celebration for ecological aware citizens of the city when Mykolaiv Center for Ecological Information was opened in April 2004.

The Center was organized to perform many tasks, including aggregation and retention of environmental information, and provision of information support for public education programs and environmental advocacy.

The center maintains three environmentally focused electronic databases: DB "Ecology" (using IRBIS software), a database of educational institutions that train ecologists, and a list of the establishments and organizations which comprise the city’s ecologic education infrastructure. The center has full internet access and a room dedicated to electronic resources about ecology.

The Center for of Ecological Information opened only as the result of years of hard work gathering ecological information, and propagating ecological knowledge.  It was only possible with support from ecologically aware citizens, community and state organizations, and city government.

City leaders, including deputies of Mykolaiv City Council, gave the library special support during creation of the Center of Ecological Information.  The Department of Environmental Preservation of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies provided support from the city’s Environmental Preservation Fund. The department head for that unit, Skurat G.I., also heads the Coordination Council of  the section on ecological policy for the Ukrainian Cities’ Association. With his help, and with help from City Council deputies Kantorom S. and Reznichenko A.I., technical equipment, and furniture for the ecological information hall were purchased; and repair of the premise was carried out.

During the last years the need for such Center became clear. Businesses, ecological organizations, educational and cultural establishments all came together.  New forms of interaction were found. And the library participated at every level and in every event: exhibitions, seminars, conferences, etc.

Partners and friends of the Center:

  • Regional Committee to rescue the Southern Bug
  • “General Actions”:  a Nikolayev club supporting the development of  civil society
  • Nikolayev Regional Society for the Protection of Nature.
  • Public science-methodical centre “Safe Living Basics and constant development ”
  • Nikolayev branch of the National Ecological Center of Ukraine
  • Regional Black Sea network of public organizations
  • Nikolayev regional youth organization „МАМА-86”
  • Nikolayev regional branch of  “Green World,” the Ukrainian ecological association
  • Nikolayev regional organization of the Ukrainian society “Knowledge”
  • Section of scientific-technical and ecological knowledge
  • Nikolayev regional youth ecological association MRYEA "Rostok"
  • Nikolayev regional children's organization “Nikolayev Union of Scouts”
  • Nikolayev city children's organization  “Scouts of Nikolayev”
  • Nikolayev city organization “Center for Ecologically Safe Development ”
  • Organization "Ecospectrum"
  • Nikolayev city youth organization "VOLUNTEERS "
  • Ecological group of RuSaL
  • Regional Students’ Center for Ecology and Nature
  • Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University,  faculty of ecology and natural resources management
  • Admiral Makarov National University of shipbuilding, faculty of ecology
  • Institute for Skill Development, faculty of natural disciplines
  • Institute of Ecology (ІECO), Southern branch
  • Nikolayev branch of the Ukrainian Ecological Academy of sciences
  • Society of young biologists of Nikolayev zoo
  • Nikolayev city station of young naturalists
  • Educational methodical Center of civil defense and Safe Living Basics in Nikolayev region
  • Nikolayev youth organization “ Green Movement ”
  •  Bashtanka city ecological organization “Our city ”
  • Station of young naturalists of Pervomaisk
  • New Odessa regional station of young naturalists
  • Ecological student association of Nikolayev region (ЕSАМR)
  •  Centre for Ecological Safety at Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University
  • ”Technical Center for Ecological Problems and Natural Resources Management LLC”
  • “Business Cooperative for Environmental Protection LLC”
  • Nature park “Kinburnsk spit”
  • Nature park  "Tiligul’sk"
  • Nature park “Granitic-steppe Pobuzhje”
  • Nature preserve "Elanetskiy steppe"
  • Nature park "Priingul’skiy"

Participation in All-Ukrainian and city ecological actions

  • 2000 – Ecoforum marking the International Day of  the Black sea
  • 2002 - Ecological forum “ Introduction of the distribution of ecological information in Nikolayev and the Nikolayev region”
  • 2003 – All-Ukrainian conference of young scientists “Biodiversity as a key to balanced development: regional aspects ”
  • 2003 - Round table devoted to the International Day of the Black sea
  • 2004 – All-Ukrainian scientifically-practical conference “Theory and practice of reserved business in Ukraine ”
  • 2004 - II All-Ukrainian scientific assembly on the further development of V.I.Vernadskiy’s ideas.
  • 2004 – All-Ukrainian conference  “Public dissemination of Ecological Information Through Libraries” (Chernigov)
  • 2005 - Conference-festival “ Ecology of the world is ecology of consciousness ”
  • 2005 - Seminar “Ecological Policies of Local Government ”
  • 2006, May - Launch of the Regional Committee to Rescue the Southern Bug. A working trip with mass media representatives from Kiev and Nikolayev to the construction site of the Tashlyksk Storage Plant.
  • 2006, June - Participation in a public demonstration opposing completion of the Tashlyksk Storage Plant. Participation in a petition drive within the library event “YES to Gard!”
  • 2006, October - Preparation of book of recommendations “Modern Problems of Preservation and Restoration of the Black sea”.
  • Participation in a round table of public and ecological organizations “The Black Sea Strategic Plan: 10 Years Without a Break ”
  • 2006 - Opening of the page « City Centre of ecological information and culture on the site of CLS for adults of Nikolayev » where Center information is placed
  • 2006 - Participation in  a festival-competition of library information resources on ecology and environmental preservation , organized by the ecology section of the State public scientific-technical library of Russia. 
  • 2006 - Center information placed on the site of the Ukrainian Cities Association. Publication of an article by Center head I.B.Chernova in the Association’s collection “The Best Experts of Local Self-management”.
  • 2006 - Center head I.B.Chernova becomes a member of the Public Council attached to the State Administration of Environmental Protection in the Nikolayev region.  
  • 2007, March - Participation in a press-conference on new threats to reserved lands on Kinburnsk spit. The event was organized and led by the Regional Black Sea network of public organizations and the organization " Kinburn-life ".
  • 2007 - Participation in a public demonstration supporting environmental preservation of reserved lands on Kinburnsk spit.
  • 2007, March - Participation in an inter-regional seminar „Preservation of Biota and Forests: Ways of Harmonization ”
  • 2007, March - Participation in a special session of the Public Council of the State Environmental Protection Administration, Nikolayev region, on the Tashlyksk Storage Plant.
  • 2007, April - Participation in a round table at the Nikolayev Regional Library for Youth organized by the regional welfare fund "Indigo" as part of the project “Ecological action” : We Shall Keep Kinburnsk Spit’s Reserved Lands” with financial support of the Center of Social Programs of RUSAL Company.
  • 2007, April-May - In cooperation with the Center of Social Programs of RUSAL Company, creation of the reference “The Register of Ecological Organizations of Nikolayev Region ”
  • 2007, June - participation in a Nikolayev regional Ecology Fair, part of the social partnership program of  the Nikolayev Regional State Administration, Nikolayev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies and RUSAL Company.
  • 2007, June - participation in the regional conference ”Tashlyksk Syndrome: How to Prevent Ecological Degradation in the Nikolayev region”
  • 2007, June - participation in the exhibition “Chemistry in Life ”, led by the all-Ukrainian ecological organization " МАМА-86 ", part of an all-Ukrainian bus tour.
  • 2007, November - In cooperation with the Regional Black Sea Network (head - Derkach O.M.) ,production of a literature index “Modern Problems of Preservation and Restoration of the Black Sea ”
  • 2007, November - participation in seminars “Preservation of Cane in a Coastal-Steppe Ecocorridor ” and ”Preventing Degradation of  Biodiversity and Landscape variety of Kinburnsk Spit (Nikolayev region)”,  organized by the group “A Silver Seagull”
  • 2008, February - Co-creation of the Institute for Ecologically Responsible Development of Ukraine’s Black Sea Region, at the Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University.
  • 2008, March - participation in the round table “ Public Participation in the program  “A Clean City ”
  • 2008, April - participation in a Public Council Meeting on ecological safety attended by the Nikolayev City Mayor.
  • 2008, October - Convened the organizing committee for the competition  “ 7 Natural Miracles of Nikolayev”
  • 2008, November - opening of the city ecological lecture hall “Environmental problems of Nikolayev region” in the Center.
  • 2008, November - Begin a series of public readings, ”We Shall Keep It For Our Descendants,” to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Nikolayev Society of Conservationists.
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