Інга Хоржевська,   директорка Центральної міської бібліотеки ім. М.Л. Кропивницького:  «Центр сучасного читання «Марко» дозволить кожному жителю та гостю Миколаєва знайти собі заняття для душі».


26 травня 2023 року в Центральній міській бібліотеці ім. М.Л. Кропивницького урочисто відкрився Центр сучасного читання «Марко».
Захід розпочався з розважально-пізнавальної програми для дітей «Марко зустрічає друзів».

On May 23 an the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi, with the support of the Cultural and Artistic Association "Art-spocusa", one of the most popular master classes on aromagraphy "Sweet Inspiration" was held. The classes were conducted by the talented craftswoman Lesia Saikovska.


On May 20 at the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi the book "Silhouettes of the Old City" was presented. The authors of the book are Ihor Gavrylov and Natalia Hrystova, illustrations are made by Serhiy Luniov to the verses by Larysa Matveeva and Kateryna Golubkova, published by Iryna Hudym
This book was conceived a long time ago. Work on it began about five years ago. At first, separate articles appeared in the newspaper "Evening Mykolaiv". During walks through the streets of the city, one of the most famous historians, a senior researcher of the Mykolaiv Regional Museum of Local History Ihor Gavrylov recorded on a dictaphone of journalist Natalia Hrystova interesting historical facts, which formed the basis of newspaper materials. Their joint work was appreciated by the publisher Iryna Hudym.
It was she who became the ideological inspiration for the systematization of the articles into a full-fledged book. Ihor Gavrylov's wife played a significant role in this story. Preoccupied mainly with science, Ihor Gavrylov found it difficult to immerse himself in literary activity.
"Because of his wife Inna Gavrylova, he did agree. Together with Natasha, they turned him on and drew me. He seems to have given up to us. Because this activity took a lot of his time. And he was more involved in science and research," Iryna Hudym recalled.
Everything related to genealogy, belonging and buying certain houses, streets - this book is somewhat unusual for our generally accepted history, where there are heroes, admirals. No, of course there are memories of legendary personalities, but basically the presented publication is about ordinary Mykolaiv people and the streets on which they lived.
"For example, Women's Street, where most of the widows or women who bought houses lived there. They were so comfortable. They settled compactly. Or German Street, Jewish quarters. What were in these streets. What events took place. Or, for example, the story of one house. The stories of all Mykolaiv cinemas also went there. Individual personalities that are interestingly connected to the city," says publisher Iryna Hudym about the book.
When Ihor Havrylov died due to illness, it was decided to add to the future book  his joint works with Svitlana Kryshchenko and other guys who collaborated with the publishing house "Mykolaiv Bazar". This section was previously published in online edition. It was placed into the book in a modified form.
"I am very grateful to the guys - Andrii Shynkarenko, Svitlana Kryshchenko, who continues this work. They conceived it. "Mykolaiv Bazar" is a real source of history related to Mykolaiv," emphasizes Iryna Hudym.
Little by little, the book began to took shape. It was based on the enthusiasm of people who were in love with their work. The financial issue became a stumbling block. There was simply no money for layout and publishing house. And His Majesty Case came to the rescue. The unknown to anyone until then German Polina Sorel (Bronfman) offered her help to the publishing group of the book "Silhouettes of the Old City". 
A woman born in Mykolaiv, who left her hometown with her family in 1998, was very sad. After all, its story is inextricably linked with her family.
The entire childhood of Polina Sorel (Bronfman) was spent between two districts, along Shoseina Street, where her family actually lived, and Pushkinska Street, where her father and brother were born and grew up, and where relatives and friends lived. Polina herself studied at school № 22, and then at the Pedagogical Institute, after which she worked as an English teacher at the secondary schools Nos. 35 and 22.
The grandmother of Polina Sorel (Bronfman), Barber Bronislava Natanivna, was a historian and teacher of the Cultural Education School. Grandmother's sister, Barber Maria Mykolaivna, worked as a teacher at the secondary schools Nos. 17 and 15  between 1946 and 1971. The aunt of Polina's father, Bronfman Polina Hryhorivna, worked all her life as a military doctor at the Mykolaiv hospital after the end of the Second World War.
Polina's father, Bronfman Yukhym Arkadiovych, was a pediatrician at the 2nd Children's Clinic, was born in Mykolaiv in March 1941. His family returned here from evacuation immediately after liberation in 1944. His childhood was spent on the streets of the old center.
"I always knew that behind the facades of the Mykolaiv houses, behind each of their stones, a rich history is hidden; they are witnesses of the rich and interesting life of the city, which has something to tell and pass on to posterity. This was always talked about in my family and among our friends, but never written in books and articles," writes Polina Sorel (Bronfman).
In 2019 the woman was going to come to Mykolaiv. It was then that she found an article by Ihor Havrylov and Natalia Hrystova about Pushkinska Street in "Evening Mykolaiv. Later, Polina Sorel (Bronfman) took more than one virtual walk with the authors. She really wanted to meet with her own eyes the person who in the words of Polina herself gave the city its soul back.
But these plans were not destined to happen. First was COVID, later the departure from the life of prominent historians and local lore historians, friends and relatives of Ihor Havrylov, and then the sudden death of himself, the full-scale invasion of the Russian occupants of the territory of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 became an obstacle for them.
But Polina Sorel (Bronfman) did everything in her power to make "Silhouettes of the Old City" see the light of day.
"I learned from the publisher Iryna Hudym that a book is being prepared based on the articles of Ihor Havrylov and Natalia Hrystova, but financial difficulties prevent its publication. Understanding the importance of such a book for the entire city and its residents, I decided to support this project without hesitation," wrote Polina Sorel (Bronfman).
This help was used for layout of the book and photo processing. Iryna Hudym's long-time partner and friend Serhiy Golubev took layout of the book on. Polygraphists Viktor and Mykhailo Shvets also joined the implementation of the project.
"We jointly prepared the book for printing. They found the paper. The book was printed at their expense. The first edition was of one hundred copies. Then it was announced for pre-sale and we were able to publish and print more new copies," says Iryna Hudym with gratitude.
As a result "Silhouettes of the Old City" turned out to be such a large public project that united a huge number of Mykolaiv residents who are far beyond its borders, but madly in love with their city.

"Berehynia of Symbols" - this is the name of the personal exhibition of the embroiderer Zhanna Semenenko-Ruskykh, which began its work on May 16 at the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi.


Central city library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi invites to online training on basic programming skills.
As part of the #eKids educational initiative, EPAM Ukraine volunteers created interactive online programming courses for children of all ages.


"These are real, precious gifts for Mykolaiv mothers", - the Central City Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi held a master class for Mother's Day on painting salt dough "Holiday Basket".

On May 11 at the Central Library named after M.L.Kropyvnytskyi of Mykolaiv the master class on making festive cards in the technique of quilling "Lace Filigree"  was held with the support of the women and girls-friendly space "Vilna". The Cultural and Artistic Association "Art-spokusa" invited a creative duo of craftswomen Zhanna Maksymova and Hanna Petryk to hold a class.


Spring is at its peak. The city is filled with the aromas of daffodils, tulips, primroses and apple blossoms. Very soon, the time will come for a real flower maiden - the fragrant Peony. But we did not wait and brought this moment closer today.


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